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Dr. Kimberly Osborne is a trusted advisor to U.S. and foreign governments, multinational corporations, international nongovernmental organizations, top-tier universities, and large nonprofits. For more than two decades, she has led record-setting new product and business line launches for Fortune 500 companies, orchestrated high-impact announcements about scientific innovations, disruptions, and breakthroughs for universities and government agencies, and developed and executed strategic responses to multi-billion-dollar corporate crises, international conflicts, and natural disasters.


As a professionally and academically proven practitioner, instructor, and consultant in leadership, communication, strategy, and transformational change, she consults, speaks and teaches around the world — connecting people and ideas. Charismatic, insightful, emotionally intelligent, and intellectually agile, she influences behaviour, challenges preconceptions, and aligns leaders in demanding environments. She consults and speaks on important subjects including transformational leadership, emotional intelligence, strategic communication in conflict and crisis, corporate culture and diversity, as well as the enlightened use of power and possibility.

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